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Compact Insurance Policy

Life Insurance, Automobile insurance, Home Insurance, Fire Insurance and the list keeps growing. It can be very difficult to find credible information to guide your research and get the one that suits your needs. The insurance market is huge and if you make a decision without knowing ALL the details, it could be a costly mistake. We will help you avoid those critical mistakes by providing all the details accurately, so that you can get the insurance that will safeguard you. Our focus is YOUR welfare. And we are committed to serving you better than anyone else!

Compact Policy, Chennai

We offer a wide range of services and a great selection of insurance policies tailor-made to meet your needs with some of the biggest and best brand names in India. We are available at your service anytime - over the phone or email.

Compact Insurance Policy – Is this the one for you?

We strive to ensure you pick the policy that absolutely best suits your needs. Compact policy is designed to cover the risks of businesses and professionals across domains. This policy can be beneficial to:


  1. Hospitals, Diagnostic clinics, Labs
  2. Cinema Theatres, Service centres
  3. Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee shops
  4. Internet Kiosk, Telephone Booths, DTP centres


  1. Accountants, Lawyers, Architects
  2. Engineers, Stock Brokers, Financial Consultants

Compact Insurance Policy – What risks does it cover?

The Compact Insurance policy covers plenty of risks – all in a package, so that you and your businesses are well safe-guarded. The details of the risks covered under Compact Policy are Fire, Burglary, Machinery Break-Down, Electronic/Equipment Insurance, Money Insurance, Legal Liability (Public/Employees), Fidelity Guarantee, Plate Glass Insurance, Neon sign Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance. The rate of Premium varies for each.

The Compact Policy also offers special covers, again to ensure transparency we list them ALL down for you:

  1. Baggage cover extension (for business travel)
  2. Professional indemnity (for professionals – Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers)
  3. Errors/Negligence (for Hospitals, Clinics)
  4. Student Safety (for Schools – PA/Hospitalization)
  5. Occupants benefits (for Hotels, Restaurants)

The risks of fire, burglary and all of them mentioned above can be very costly. Businesses and Professionals could lose their valuable customers, if not covered by insurance. The risks are very real. Being proactive and choosing Compact Policy would be the wise thing to do. All you need to do is call our advisors; we are here to help you.

Compact Policy – How can I get it?

We are just a phone call away. We make the sign-up proposal as simple as possible, both to ensure you understand the nitty-gritty details and also because we value your time.

The same procedure applies for the Claims as well, just call us and we will make sure the process is simple, quick and the resolutions are always bearing your well-being in mind.

Do you want this service at your door step? Call: +91-9941136665.

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