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Motor Insurance

Accidents happen and there are risks – major and minor that can result in losses. Thefts and accidents can happen even when you have parked your vehicle somewhere and moved away only for a brief moment.

Now you can safeguard against such risks with Chennai’s Motor Insurance package policy.

Who qualifies for the Motor Insurance Policy?

If you own a vehicle, whether two-wheeler, private car or even a commercial vehicle, you qualify for the Motor Insurance Policy.

What are the different insurance policies available?

There are basically two policies:

  1. Package Policy covering damage to own vehicle against total loss due to accident or theft. The money you’ve invested in the vehicle including the loan is safeguarded.
  2. Act-only liability: covering the vehicle owner only against legal liability towards third party (bodily injury, property damage) due to accident involving your vehicle.

Best policies based on private vehicles types

Private car package policy is for all vehicles including cars, jeeps, and three-wheelers registered as a private car/LMV

Two-wheeler package policy is for all two-wheeler vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and other mechanically assisted vehicles.

How do you take the policy?

We are at your service and just a phone call away. You can reach us at 099411 36665 and request for a door step service. Few details are as follows:

  1. The procedure if you are buying a new vehicle, you will be required to fill the proposal form.
  2. If it’s renewal, if there was a break in insurance there will be a pre-inspection (using authorized person) and then the renewal happens.

Why Motor Insurance Policy?

At Ivory Insurance Consultancy, Chennai, in conjunction with the best Insurance companies in India. In the event of an accident, we can arrange cashless service at select garages in India. You will get personalized service from me. And we’re just a phone call away. If the repair is done at a faraway place, you can also contact any of the nearest office of United India and they will help you.

If there is no claim under the policy you get discount in premium next year which can be shifted to another vehicle in your name. These are just a few benefits of signing up with Ivory Insurance Consultancy for Motor Insurance Policy in Chennai. We are committed to serve you better than anyone else at even better rates.

How do I Claim?

We have made the claims process easy for you so that you can avail the facilities quick and easy.

We will require you to fill the claim form and sign it

We will need copies of your license, registration certificate (RC), permit, if any, attested.

We will also get an estimate from the workshop

Do you want our service at your door step? Call: +91-9941136665.

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