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Family Medicare Insurance

We provide services by helping you choose the best Family Medicare Insurance in Chennai through some of the top-rated insurance companies in India that covers the entire family under one single policy. The sum insured opted for covers all the family members and is available for individuals as well. This will help in a contingency when a family member has to undergo some major treatment.

Why should you take the policy?

You should take this policy so that you get the option to go for high tech health care for self and family without bothering about the cost involved.

The policy covers the expenses for treatment incurred as inpatient in select registered hospital on account of accident or disease.

The policy is serviced by Third Party Administrator [TPA] and hence you get the benefits of cashless hospitalization from the listed hospitals.

Now that you know why you will need this policy, let us quickly look at who all are covered under this policy.

Who all are covered in this Family Medicare Policy?

The people covered under the Family Medicare Policy are self, Legal spouse, Dependent children up to the age of 18 years and beyond up to 25 years, if continuing education. Parents of the insured can be covered under a separate Family Medicare Policy for them.

How do you get Claims under the policy?

You will be issued and ID card by the TPA subsequent to taking the policy. For any claim, you have to intimate the TPA immediately. A reference number is allotted for the claim. There are 3 types of hospitalization claims that you can avail:

  1. Emergency Hospitalization: on account of accident or illness where the patient is taken to the network hospital and you will get the assistance from the insurance desk. The helpdesk arranges for informing TPA about the line of treatment planned for the insured and you can get the cashless facility.
  2. Planned Hospitalization: is when you get some time and arrange for a treatment. You can choose from the network of hospitals and inform the helpdesk of the line of treatment, date of admission and so on. The helpdesk in turn will inform the TPA and arrange for the cashless facility.
  3. The third type of hospitalization is if you were to take medical assistance from a non network hospital. In this case, you can inform the TPA and collect the reference number immediately. After the treatment, you can collect the bills and receipts, along with the discharge summary, medical reports and send it to the TPA for reimbursement.

How to avail of the scheme?

  1. Any renewal of a similar scheme in another company or a person taking policy here for the first time will be treated as fresh
  2. Existing policy holder can shift to this scheme on renewal, provided there is no claim in the policy in the preceding two years
  3. Proposal to include pre acceptance of health checkup as prescribed by the company for persons above 45 years of age and those with adverse condition[s]
  4. Midterm increase in sum insured is not possible. However, enhancement of sum insured on renewals is possible up to two slabs, provided there is no claim.

Special conditions of the policy

  1. Diseases which are pre existing at the time of taking the policy are covered after four claim free years.
  2. For some diseases like cataract and a list of other diseases, the policy is covered after two years. Please contact our executives to get the complete list of diseases under this category as well as other restrictions on claims.

Other benefits of the scheme

There are a bunch of great benefits apart from the ones already mentioned including:

  1. Policy can be renewed continuously.
  2. The insured will be entitled for health checkup once every three claim free years and will be limited to 1% of sum insured for all the family members together.
  3. Hospital cash of Rs. 250 or Rs. 500 is allowed beyond three days of hospitalization subject to a maximum of Rs. 2500 or Rs. 5000 by paying the extra premium of Rs. 150 or Rs. 300
  4. You can get the income tax rebate on premium under Sec 80D.

This is, without a doubt a great policy from Ivory Insurance Consultancy catering to you and your family’s health.

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