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House Holder Insurance

If you are looking for a comprehensive insurance policy that caters to the house holders, then House Holders Insurance Policy, Chennai is a perfect fit. It is a package policy that covers 10 different sections including:

Fire: Any loss due to fire, riot and strike, malicious damage, flood, storm, lightning, earthquake are covered. Terrorism damages can be covered on payment of extra premium

Burglary: covers any loss due to house breaking and/or burglary

Jewellery: House Holders Insurance’s valuables section covers the loss of any valuable on agreed value basis. It can include paintings, watches, etc.

Plate glass: Our insurance policy covers loss of damage to fixed glass due to any accident occurrence.

Break down of Electrical/Mechanical apparatus: the policy covers loss [cost of repair] due to any accidental breakdown of such gadgets [lightning, electrical fluctuations]

Electronic equipment insurance: another great aspect of House Holders Insurance is that it is an risk policy for your valuable electronics gadgets like TV, computer, VCD, Home Theater etc.

Baggage insurance: The policy covers any loss or damage to baggage including clothing and personal effects, while traveling.

Pedal Cycle: All risk policy of pedal cycle including theft or damage due to accident.

Personal accident: in the event of death or disability whether permanent or temporary /partial disability due to accident this policy pays up to the sum insured for each individual.

Public liability: loss due to liability to public or domestic workmen on account of bodily injury while inside the house are covered under this policy. Also workmen compensation is covered for as little as Rs. 100 for annual wages of Rs. 20,000 per year.

Why should you take the House Holders Policy?

Because a sudden lightning may damage your house gadgets like refrigerator, computer requiring costly repair and you will be saddled with bills.

A flash flood in the vicinity causes water to enter your house, when you are away..this can damage your furniture, clothes and utensils.

Because if you’ve locked your house and went out to visit somewhere and on return you notice your house burgled and valuable stolen. You can recover losses with House Holders Insurance.

So, who needs this policy?

If you own a house or household articles, valuables will need this policy. Those who may suffer due to dangers like fire, burglary, storm or flood, lightning, or damages caused due to electrical fluctuations are all at risk. This policy can benefit all those at risk of the above mentioned unfortunate occurrences.

How to take the policy?

Now that you are convinced that this policy would benefit you in more ways than one, let us look at how to take up the policy.

You have to take cover under any of the 4 out of 10 sections listed above. The fire and burglary sections are compulsory however. The sum insured should be the market value of your assets both movable and immovable. The sum insured for workmen compensation must be the annual wages paid.

How to avail claims under the policy?

For damages to assets due to fire, riot and strike, flood and lightning, an estimate of cost of repairs is to be submitted for approval to the insurance agency.

For breakdown of gadgets, an estimate has to be submitted based on which a surveyor assesses the damages and the compensations paid.

For burglary losses, proper reports from the local police have to be submitted with the claim. Compensation is paid after assessment of loss by a surveyor/loss assessor. A final report of the case submitted by the Police to the court is collected before settlement.

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