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Marine Insurance

Damages to goods during transport is a very real possibility. Our Marine Insurance policy, Chennai covers loss and/or damage to goods while being transported by road, air, or sea.

What are the different types of policies available?

Transportation of goods can be of three types:

  1. Inland transport
  2. Import
  3. Export

Ivory Insurance Consultancy is associated with some of the best Insurance companies in India offering services for different policies to cover these transits, so that you can be rest assured that your goods are well insured. Choose wisely, choose Marine Insurance, Chennai!

Who qualifies for this policy?

FOB (Free On Board)
C&F (Cost and Freight)
CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight)

The contract of the sale would determine who buys the policy. For more details, please contact us.

How to claim?

The following steps should be taken in the event of a loss or damage to goods insured:
Take immediate steps to minimize loss.
Inform nearest office of the insurance company or claim settling agent mentioned on the policy.
In case of damage to goods while on ship or port, arrange for joint ship survey or port survey.
Lodge monetary claim with carrier within stipulated time period.

Submit duly assigned insurance policy/certificate along with the original invoice and other documents required to substantiate the claim such as :
Bill of Lading / AWB/GR
Packing list
Copies of correspondence exchanged with carriers.
Copy of notice served on carriers along with acknowledgment/receipt.
Shortage/Damage Certificate issued by carriers.

The survey fee is to be paid to the surveyor appointed by the insurance company. This fee will be reimbursed along with the claim if the claim is otherwise admissible.

Add on covers

On paying additional premium a range of extended covers can be bought. For Inland transit for dangers due to strike, riot and civil commotion can be covered with SRCC policy. While, you could sign up for the FOB, this policy is required to be extended to cover the goods till they are loaded on board, the vessel.

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