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Universal Health Insurance

We are proud to be associated with the leading Insurance companies in India to present the Universal Health Insurance policy in Chennai. This policy is promoted by the Central Government of India. It covers treatment taken as inpatient in any registered hospital including Ayurveda, Allopathy, as well as Homeopathy treatments.

This is a low cost insurance policy suitable for the ordinary working class.

Benefits of this policy

  • The Universal Health Insurance policy covers hospitalization for self and/or family members up to Rs. 30,000 for the year but limited to Rs. 15,000 per illness
  • It provides Rs. 50 per day allowance if the head of the family is hospitalized for a maximum of upto 10 days
  • Rs. 25, 000 is provided in the event of death of the head of the family, due to an accident

Key points to note

The hospitalization does not cover treatment for any pre existing illness at the time of taking cover. Universal Health Insurance does not cover claim for hospitalization within the first 30 days.

For certain treatments like sinusitis, hernia, fistula in anus, hysterectomy, hydrocele, stone removal, prostate, piles there is no option to claim in the first year.

Universal Health Insurance does not cover for dental treatment unless requiring hospitalization.

Naturopathy treatment, child birth and pregnancy are not covered under the policy.

Premium payable

Universal Medical Insurance is good low cost policy. The premium payable can be for individuals for Rs. 365; for the family which could include the spouse and 2 children, the premium is Rs. 548, and for family with parents the premium if Rs. 730, without service tax.

How do you get claims under the policy?

You are required to inform the company when admitted in the hospital. After discharge from the hospital, ensure you collect the medical reports, bills, and diagnostic reports and submit the reports for getting claim.

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