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Health Insurance

Health care isn’t the same as it was before. It can be expensive; people who have experienced would know what it is like, the effect it can have not just on our finances but also on the emotional aspects is tremendous. Ivory Insurance Consultancy services Health Insurance in Chennai through some of the best known insurance companies in India. It is focused on helping our customers safeguard better.

You can be rest assured that you get relief of sufficient care during sudden and emergency hospital care.

Your family is supported and therefore you need not worry about the cost of the treatment. These are some of the reasons why you should take up the health insurance through Ivory Insurance in Chennai. We are associated with some of the best Insurance companies in India through which you will be provided your Health insurance. We know you care about yourself and your family... we do too!

Who needs this policy?

We have grouped the health insurance policy into 2:

1. Platinum: Young executives, both in private and/or public sector qualify for this policy. Young professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, dentists as well as businessmen qualify for the Platinum policy.

2. The second group is the Gold policy: The senior executives in private and/or public sectors, senior doctors, dentists, engineers, lawyers qualify for the Gold policy. It is also important to note that recently retired officers, very senior professionals and businessmen/businesswomen also qualify for the Ivory Insurance Consultancy’s Health Insurance policy.

While these are the 3 sub groups, the salient features of each are based on the age group. Please contact us to know the complete details.

What does the policy cover?

The health insurance policy covers the expenses incurred for treatment taken in a registered nursing home, hospital under the care of a registered medical practitioner as an inpatient.

How do I apply for a policy?

We shall tell you how you can apply for one.

We have a simple proposal form which needs to be filled out. The information we would want are:

a. Name, Occupation, Address
b. A self declaration on health, also noting pre existing illness, if any
c. A health check up by physician, if there is any adverse condition or if one is above 45 years of age. This report will include BP readings, E.C.G., blood [RE and Lipid Profile]
d. And finally, you will get an ID card from Third Party Administrator [TPA, the service provider] with a list of network hospitals that allows for cashless facility.

What do you do in case of claims?

Claims are paid for hospitalization. There are 3 types to it:

1. Planned Hospitalization: In the planned hospitalization type, you get admitted for a planned surgery/treatment. All you need to do is inform the hospital and the Third Party Administrator [TPA] in advance so that the line of treatment is understood and the cashless services arranged.

2. Emergency Hospitalization: Again if admitted in a network hospital, inform the TPA by showing card. The hospital will then seek approval for cashless service informing line of treatment. In normal conditions, the approval is given within 24 hours.

3. Treatment cost in non network hospital: Inform TPA and avail the treatment. Collect discharge summary, pharmacy bills, hospital bills and a report from the doctor on the diagnosis and treatment. The bills are reimbursed.

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