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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Personal Indemnity Insurance, Chennai – this is a policy cover that is great for professionals in the event of bodily injury or physical loss due to human error.

Ivory Insurance Consultancy has tied up with the best and top rated Insurance companies in India offering you services for personal indemnity insurance. A human error or mistake can occur at anytime, which when happens during a professional conduct could cause heavy loss, damage to property or bodily injury to others. Chennai’s personal indemnity insurance compensates loss or damage to the extent of the sum insured, if legally liable.

This insurance policy is apt for professionals who are assisted by qualified and sometimes unqualified people. Negligence of such assistants can also be covered by declaring them and paying extra premium thus covering all the angles.

Now, that we understand what is personal indemnity and what the insurance covers, we will look if you qualify for this insurance.

Who needs the cover?

If you are a person engaged in a profession, whether senior or one just starting to build a career, this insurance cover can benefit you.

Also, Doctors including but not limited to surgeons, anesthetists, physician, orthopedics would benefit from the cover. Engineers, Dentists, Architects, Lawyers, Accountants, or any other professional needs protection of this policy.

So, if you are one of the above you will be a perfect fit for the Personal Indemnity Insurance cover. And now that you are aware that you qualify for this cover, let us look at how you could propose for the policy.

How to propose for the policy?

The proposal for the policy is simple.

  • You just need to provide with your name, address, qualification with the line of activity
  • You would also need to provide information on the years of experience in practice
  • Details of your specialization, if any, in the field of specialization
  • You have the choice of sum insured with limitations on liability along with the sub-limits. Any one accident or any one year

The claim process

The moment you receive a legal notice of claim from the client, you need to inform the insurance company.

You need to take proper and timely defense in consultation with us.

This can have a huge positive impact on your profession because in certain cases if the prima facie professional negligence is proved and the company feels that if the litigation in public will tarnish the good reputation of the professional, then compromise settlement will also be considered by the company.

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