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Shopkeepers Insurance

Shopkeepers are at risk. Be it during fire accident, a riot or burglary – the losses can be heavy and it can have a big negative impact on your financials. Our relationships with the best and the most trusted Insurance companies in India offers services for Shopkeepers insurance policy in Chennai that secures you and enables you to resume your business.

Business interruption cover, if taken, could set off the business loss in the intervening period till you restart your business. As a shopkeeper you will understand the importance of this factor.

What does the Shopkeepers insurance policy cover?

The Shopkeepers Insurance Policy, Chennai offers services package policy for all types of shop owners from a range of top-notch Insurance companies in India. Following are the salient features of the insurance cover:

Fire: Any loss or damage of your shop and its content due to fire, riot, strike, malicious damages, flood storm, tempest, lightning, or earthquake is covered under this policy.

Burglary: Any loss your shop could incur due to house breaking and burglary of the contents of the shop including various assets and stock in trade will be covered under the shopkeeper’s insurance policy.

Money Insurance: Even the loss of money in transit or money in safe of counter is covered by the policy.

Plate glass: Any loss due to damage by accident of fixed glass in the shop can be covered in the policy.

Baggage insurance: Your personal belongings, articles of trade in the baggage of traveling shop keeper or the employees will be covered under the policy.

Personal accident: Shopkeepers insurance insures not only you, the shopkeeper but also your employees against death or permanent total disability due to accident – this is a huge benefit of the policy cover.

Fidelity guarantee: Our insurance covers another important aspect of your business that is to recover loss to your shop through fraudulent acts of employees.

Neon and Glow Sign insurance: Our policy covers damages to sign board due to fire, riot and strike and accidents.

Public liability: Liability to public visiting the shop or liability to employees under workmen compensation is covered as well.

Business Interruption cover: Whenever a loss under any of the insured peril is paid the interruption business loss due to if any is covered upto sum insured and in comparison with previous year.

How to propose for the insurance?

Now that you are convinced that you and your shop can benefit from our Shopkeepers insurance, the next step is know the details of how you can get one.

This section sheds light on that:

The fire and burglary sections listed above are compulsory; you are also required to take any of the two other sections. Value of stock in trade/contents to be similar for fire and burglary covers.

Under money insurance, loss in transit, loss in counter, loss in safe can be covered by separately mentioning sum insured of loss under each.

Under fidelity guarantee, loss upto a sum insured is opted for the group of employees.

Business interruption cover is opted for amount equal to sum insured under fire section.

How to get the claim?

You are required to report the occurrence of any peril to your shop. Ivory Insurance Consultancy will send surveyor or assessor to assess losses.

Burglary claims must also be reported to police and all efforts taken to trace the lost items. When police authorities issue final report saying lost items are non-traceable, then the loss is paid by the insurance company.

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