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Personal Accident Insurance

We in Chennai are associated with the top-notch Insurance companies in India offering services for Personal Accident Insurance in Chennai that can help you in more ways than one. It is a must have for individuals with families and the great thing about the personal accident insurance is the fact that suitable policy is available for ALL income levels.

Why should you take a Personal Accident Policy?

An accident can cause trauma and loss for oneself and the family. It can be difficult to cope not just for self but also to the loved ones. On most occasions, the family and loved ones depend on the individual’s well being as well as the individual’s income. By taking this insurance policy, you ensure financial security for you and your family.

Who is this policy for?

1. Any person who works and has a family to take care of
2. This policy is available for all income levels

This policy is suitable for professionals, executives, sports persons, labourers and office staff. You see this policy covers a wide spectrum of individuals.

Now that you know that you qualify for the personal accident insurance policy the next obvious question you would have is what does the policy cover.

Policy Cover

Personal Accident Insurance Policy pays the sum insured or proportionately in the event of unfortunate death / permanent total or partial disability due to an accident.

The risk exposure is not same for all jobs/vocations, we understand that and therefore we offer you with the best policy based on the risk exposure through your jobs.

Keeping the risk factor in mind, we have divided the Personal Accident Insurance Policy into 3 different groups. To ensure transparency our executives will give you complete details of the premium rates and what’s covered as well what is not, so that you can make the right decision. Contact us now to know more about which group would suit you best

How does the policy pay claims?

The claims are paid based on the various groups which are assigned values based on the claim type, such as unfortunate death or disability due to injury. Both the premium rates as well as the amount paid for claims are based on the type of group. Now that you know what the policy covers, it’s just a matter of choosing the suitable cover that would benefit you and your family.

How do I take suitable cover?

Based on the group you belong to, which is of course based on the risk exposure, you may qualify anywhere from 24 to 30 or even upto 60 times your monthly income.

Ivory Insurance Consultancy’s Personal Accident Insurance Policy can cover for medical extension [due to accident] to a limited extent.

Another great thing about the Personal Accident Insurance from Ivory Insurance Consultancy is the fact that this policy can cover for family members as well. The sum insured for non working spouse is limited to 50% of working spouse and the cover is limited to 25% for children based on the group.

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