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Road Safety Insurance

Road safety is a key to life. Any accident minor or major can cause losses on hospitalization and even then can result in loss of life or be disabled permanently. This is a huge risk.

And therefore you need Road Safety Insurance in Chennai and you need this from the top notch insurance company in India. Ivory Insurance consultancy can help you get the best road safety insurance from the best insurance company in India.

What does the policy cover?

We are associated with the leading Insurance companies in India offering you services for Road Safety insurance policy that covers up to the sum insured in the event of an unfortunate death, permanent total or partial disability due to accident.

The policy pays up to sum insured for hospitalization expenses following accidents.

There are two variants to the policy:
Policy A: The above listed two covers are operational while traveling on road.
Policy B: The above listed two covers are operational both while traveling on road and also in the course of employment.

Who needs the insurance policy?

This insurance policy is applicable to anyone who moves outside of house and has an active occupation – employee and/or a businessman. Sales executives, factory workers, agriculture farmer, any professional, drivers etc will be covered.

This policy allows for employers to take policy for employees thus taking care of the welfare of your employees.

How do I take the policy?

The procedure is simple. You are required to complete the proposal form mentioning name, address, age and occupation.

There are various premiums available for each type mentioned above. Road Safety Insurance in Chennai comes with multiple options. The services are provided keeping your well being in mind through some of the best insurance companies in India.

How to avail the claim?

The claim has to be supported by documents to prove accident like doctor’s certificate, police reports (FIR). For hospitalization claims, medical reports, discharge summary and bills to be submitted.

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